Serving Pung Pung Food

to curb your hunger pungs !

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Menu may change periodically

depending on the availability of ingredients during the season.

Pung Pung Kitchen

Our Story Begins At Home

Chef Pung Lu Tin | Chinese Restaurant ! Chinese Tze Char

Pung Pung Kitchen is a culinary notion which encompasses the diverse elements of culinary culture of Singapore to lure patrons simply with the aroma and taste of quality food ~ as represented with a clever play on the name of the stall. 

"Pung Pung" which means "Aromatic" in Hokkien, - the most commonly used dialect in Singapore and also represents the Kitchen Chief - Chef Pung who is a renowned Chef in the local Chinese Culinary scene for over 30 years. 





Chef Pung Lu Tin 冯洱迅师傅

The head chef and founder of Pung Pung Kitchen is one of the foremost culinary extraordinaire in Singapore. Previously, he worked at a number of prominent restaurants where he developed his own unique style and creative flair. In addition to his helm  at Pung Pung Kitchen, Chef Pung has appeared in many TV programmes and as well as advise many other famous culinary entities.